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This Data Provider Form is for people who have data and want it to be served by this ERDDAP. The overview of the process is:
  1. You fill out a 4-part form. When you finish a part, the information you just entered is sent to the administrator of this ERDDAP (nobody at example dot com).
  2. The ERDDAP administrator will contact you to figure out the best way to transfer the data and to work out other details.  

Things You Need To Know

The Goal
The goal of this form is to help you create a description of your dataset ("metadata"), so that someone who knows nothing about this dataset will be able to find the dataset when they search for this type of dataset, understand the dataset, use the data properly, and give you credit for having created the dataset.

Don't skim.
Please work your way down this document, reading everything carefully. Don't skim. If you skip over some important point, it will just be twice as much work for you (and me) later.

Do your best.
This is the first pass at creating metadata for this dataset. The ERDDAP administrator will edit this and work with you to improve it. It is even easy to change the metadata after the dataset is in ERDDAP. But, it is better to get this right the first time. Please focus, read carefully, be patient, be diligent, and do your best.

Helpful Hint Icons ?
If you move/hover your mouse over these question mark icons, you will see helpful hints and term definitions. Try it now with the icon above. There are lots of these icons on this web page and in ERDDAP in general. The information they contain is essential for filling out this form properly.

How much time will this take?
It takes an hour to do a really good job with this form, less if you have all the needed information handy.

Running out of time?
If you run out of time before you finish all 4 parts, just leave the tab open in your browser so you can come back and finish it later. There is no time limit for finishing all 4 parts.

Large Number of Datasets?
If you have structured information (for example, ISO 19115 files) for a large number of datasets, there are probably ways that we can work together to (semi-)automate the process of getting the datasets into ERDDAP. Please email the administrator of this ERDDAP (nobody at example dot com) to discuss the options.

Need help?
If you have questions or need help while filling out this form, please send an email to the administrator of this ERDDAP (nobody at example dot com).

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Data Provider Form

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